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Last Minute Wedding Photography Checklist: What Not to Forget!

If you’re getting married soon, chances are your wedding planning is in full swing. Between booking vendors, sending invitations and handling other details, it’s easy to lose track of smaller tasks. One area you don’t want to overlook is your photography needs for the big day. 

While you’ve likely already booked an ‘Actual Day Wedding Photography Singapore‘ professional, there are still some last minute items to cross off your list. Going over the following checklist in the weeks leading up to your wedding will help ensure everything runs smoothly from a photography perspective.

Wedding Photography

Confirm Details with Your Photographer

If you haven’t already, now is the time to touch base with your photographer and confirm all the important details. Re-verify start and end times, locations for portraits and family formals, your shot list, and payment due dates. Also discuss plans if there is inclement weather in the forecast. Ask if they have any other questions so there are no surprises on the day. Clearing up logistics now will help prevent stress later.

Schedule a Consultation

Even if you had an engagement or bridal session, it’s a good idea to schedule a consultation with your photographer closer to the wedding date. This allows you both to discuss the timeline and shot list again while fresher in your minds. It’s also an excellent chance for your photographer to get more familiar with your venue. Ask if they have any venue-specific photography tips as well.

Prepare Shot Lists

Having shot lists prepared will help your photographer capture all the critical family group photos and details you want remembered. Make lists for portraits, formals, details shots, and more. Note who needs to be in each shot so people are organized. You can also provide your photographer with a day-of-timeline showing locations and estimated timing to stay on schedule.

Choose Attire for Portraits

Decide what you and your bridal party will wear for portraits. Brides often change into a separate portrait dress after the ceremony. Have accessories, shoes and any other outfit details neatly packed. Don’t forget undergarments, shapewear or other wardrobe essentials too. Make sure outfits are steamed or pressed the night before for fresh photos.

Prepare Backup Plans

Wedding photographers are pros, but it’s still smart to have backup plans in case of equipment malfunction or other issues. Make sure someone else has the photographer’s contact info, and discuss what to do if they are delayed or unable to attend. You could also bring a backup camera or assign a family member to take casual photos with their device. Have rain plans ready, too.

Gather Signature Items

Your photographer will want to capture unique details that represent you both. Assemble favorite books, decor items, rings or other sentimental objects you want included in details shots. Have signature drinks, a guest book or other wedding items on hand for the reception as well. Don’t forget things like your “Mr. and Mrs.” signs.

Arrange for Getting Ready Photos

If you want photos as you prepare, make sure your getting ready locations have good lighting. Clean and decorate the spaces in advance. Give your photographer details on where to find you at what times. Have snacks, drinks and any beauty essentials on site. Designate a point person to help your photographer if needed.

Confirm Guest Book Plans

If you’re providing a guest book, make sure it will be ready and in a logical spot for signing. Also verify if you want your photographer to take photos of guests signing. Have pens available and make the book easy to find. You can also provide a signature guestbook prop for portraits.

Charge Devices Fully

Nothing ruins a photographer’s day like dead batteries. Ensure all cameras, flashes and equipment are fully charged before the wedding. Consider packing charging cables just in case. You’ll also want to ensure your videographer and any assistants have fresh batteries. Charge phones, tablets and any other devices too.

Relax and Enjoy Your Day!

Once you’ve completed this checklist, the photography aspects should run smoothly. Trust that your talented photographer controls everything. Now breathe deep and focus on celebrating your love with your soon-to-be spouse! The rest will take care of itself.

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