Best Places for a Destination Wedding

Best Places for a Destination Wedding

Want to celebrate your wedding in a different way so that it’s remembered for ages. If you’re looking for the best, coolest places to get married, you’re at the right place. We’ve put together some of the best places for a destination wedding. From white-sand beaches and vineyards to picturesque mountains, we’ve highlighted some of the hottest places to get hitched. Let’s have a look at them below:

Hawaii, The Big Island

If you want ultimate peace and comfort, look no further than Hawaii, the biggest island in the chain. It’s home to natural beauty and you can marry anytime in the year. There’ no such restriction here. If you’re an American citizen, it will be quite easy for you to arrange marriage in Hawaii, compared to any other.

Best Places for a Destination Wedding

Bar Harbor, Maine

Covered by dark-blue waters, rugged coasts and golden-sand beaches, Bar Harbor is an ideal place for getting married. It is no wrong saying that it’s a living heaven on earth. You’ll get everything, from style to sophistication. There’s so much you and your guests can enjoy like whale watching, bike riding, swimming in crystal clear water and kayaking.

Sea Island, GA

With its pristine beaches and turquoise waters, Sea Island may sound you like the Caribbean. The best times to get hitched in Sea Island are in the summer and late spring. However, you can arrange your wedding anytime in the year, depending your preferences.

Bora Bora, Island in French Polynesia

Bora Bora is an ideal place for beginning your new life and celebrating warm moments with your partner. It’s a peaceful island best known for scuba diving. There’re a number of amazing activities you can do there. Shortlist this place if you’re confused with different destination wedding places. You get a chance to see picturesque mountains and crystal clear waters together with coral reef swirling. Overall, it’s a complete package for a destination wedding.

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