Bridal Shower

How to Plan a Chic Bridal Shower for Your Best Friend

So, your best friend has asked you to plan her bridal shower. How exciting! If you’ve never hosted a bridal shower before, you’re probably wondering what you need to do. Your bestie deserves a fun and chic bridal shower to celebrate her upcoming wedding. Creating a fun and memorable event might seem like a challenge, but there’s a few simple steps you can take to ensure that you host the perfectly chic bridal shower for your best friend!

Bridal Shower

1. Don’t forget the favors. A good party always has favors for guests to take home with them! You’ll want to get something practical but still matches the theme of your bridal shower. Browse for the best bridal shower party favors and find some that you know will fit well with your bridal shower theme!

2. Decide on a budget. You can’t have a great party without deciding on a budget early on. Your budget will determine a lot of aspects of the bridal shower, and it’s important that you stick to it! Even though she’s your best friend, you should be careful not to go over budget because it can have serious impacts for your own personal finances. If you’re unsure whether you can really foot the entire bill for the shower, consider asking your fellow bridesmaids to all pitch in and co-host with you! That way, you each pitch in and host a beautiful celebration for your friend.

3. Decide on the logistics. Before you can focus on making your event chic, you’ll need to determine the logistics! From the date to the location, you’ll want to decide all those details prior to purchasing any decor. If you’re hosting the event at a restaurant or other location, the venue might have decorating restrictions. It’s important to have those details figured out prior to handling the guest list or even what the decor will look like. Otherwise, you’ll have blown your budget on things you can’t use or purchased too many of.


4. Determine the guest list. A guest list for a bridal shower is important, especially because it’ll help you ensure you stay within your budget. If you’re only having around 10 people at the bridal shower, then you can afford to splurge a little more on items such as personalized coasters or even fun bridal-themed drink straws. If your guest list is much larger, with 25 or more people, then you’ll want to be sure to keep an eye on your budget and consider budget-saving options, such as a potluck versus a catered meal. Another thing to consider is that bridal showers tend to have more than just friends present. Moms, grandmas, aunts, cousins and many others can all be major parts of the guest list.

5. Decide on a theme. While you might think “chic” is enough of a theme, you’d be surprised what other themes are out there. Everything from tropical to Hollywood can all be combined with chic elements to really make your best friend’s bridal shower Instagram-worthy. The theme is something that will translate into the rest of the bridal shower. From the invitations to the party favors, the theme you choose should be present in all the details of the bridal shower. Figuring out a theme will also make it easier to search for the perfect decor!

6. Figure out the menu. As the host of the bridal shower, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you choose a menu that is good for all the guests. Make sure to take into account any guests’ dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free or even peanut allergies. If you don’t, you run the serious risk of one of the guests potentially going into anaphylactic shock after eating! Part of the menu includes the bar. Are you going to serve alcohol at the bridal shower? Your guest list will determine that. If there are kids present, having alcohol might not be the best idea. Check with the bride about the guest list and whether or not alcohol should be served. If she gives you the go-ahead, then make sure you get enough drinks and mixers for everyone!


7. Get all the decor. After figuring out all the logistical and financial details, you can move onto the stuff you’re probably most excited about, such as the decor! A chic bridal shower has elements of your best friend but using only the best of the best. A chic design is one that incorporates some metallics with whatever other colors you have going on. If you’re unsure where to start, consider the accents. From cocktail napkins to the cupcake liners, there’s lots of ways you can incorporate chic design elements into your bridal shower design that will have your best friend smiling with joy. Make sure to get some wedding-related items as well. Balloons, banners and table decor are just some of the items you can use to your advantage when planning a chic bridal shower.

8. Create a layout. Your decor needs to have somewhere to go! Create a layout in your bridal shower venue so that guests can really enjoy the experience. Make sure to include a gift table for all guests to drop off their gifts, set up a selfie station, create a space for drinks and food and don’t forget to put together a seat for the bride-to-be! If you’re hosting the bridal shower at a church fellowship hall or at another venue, make sure to create a layout for all the tables and chairs for guests.

9. Plan out the games. There’s lots of games you can play during a bridal shower, all focusing on the bride-to-be! Determining which games you all will be playing will go a long way in ensuring that you have an awesome time as well. Be sure to get something for the winners of each game! If you’re on the hunt for gift bag ideas, consider getting items that are universal and can be used by anyone who attends the bridal shower. You’ve got a range of guests to buy for!