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11 Bridal Shower Favors Your Guests Will Love

Hosting a bridal shower is no easy task. You’ve got to choose food and decor, mail out invitations, create a guest list and manage day-of tasks like getting the bride to sit down and open her presents! But, there’s one aspect of the bridal shower many hosts overlook, and it’s an important piece of the event: the favors.

Bridal Gift

Bridal shower favors are still an important part of the event. It’s something the guests can take with them to remember the day, so getting the perfect one for your guests to take home with them is essential. Without it, how else will your guests look back and remember the bridal shower you hosted? Here are some of the best bridal favors that your guests are sure to love!

1. Engraved bottle opener. Who isn’t looking for a classier way to open their beer? An engraved bottle opener can even be used for opening cream soda or root beer for those who don’t drink alcohol. It’s such a unique favor idea that your guests will love. With its practical use and personalized touch, a bottle opener is something that your guests will continue to talk about for years to come.

2. Heart-shaped measuring spoons. Measuring spoons are another item that people use every day. Why not make them heart-shaped? Remind your guests to mix everything together with love by giving them heart-shaped measuring spoons to use in their everyday life. If the bride loves to bake, then these favors are a no-brainer!

3. A personalized candle. A candle is a great bridal shower favor idea. It’s simple and doesn’t require a lot of assembly on your part. Simply line them up on the gift table or place them at everyone’s place settings, depending on where you host the shower. Personalize the candle with the couple’s wedding date for a fun addition to the favor.

4. A wine glass (or two!). Let’s be real – can you really ever have too many wine glasses? Getting some personalized stemless wine glasses are perfect favors for your bridal shower. The best part? You can use them at your bridal shower! Simply instruct your guests to take their wine glass home with them as a favor for enjoying the festivities. They’ll be so excited to have something to use and then take with them when they leave!

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5. A bottle stopper. Bottle stoppers are great party favor ideas because they aren’t too big and they can be easily used by your guests in the future. A bottle stopper that’s flat with a unique inscription about love on it is perfect so that bottles of all shapes and sizes can fit on shelves, in fridges or on bar carts. You can even get one that goes with the colors of the couple’s event!

6. Travel-sized hand sanitizer. As we all learned last year, you can never have enough hand sanitizer! And, with rising Covid cases of new variants all around the world, it’s important that you continue to keep the health and safety of your guests a top priority. If you’re worried that the hand sanitizer favor is a bit overdone, consider giving it in a small gift bag of different items. Include candy, playing cards and any other small party favors that you think guests will like. Who doesn’t love a goodie bag filled with swag?

7. Candy. Always a classic favor option, candy is a broad category for bridal shower gifts. Whether you give out chocolate or sour gummies, there’s a candy out there that’s perfect for your bridal shower. Consider the theme of your event as well, and that should help you choose the perfect candy. Try to avoid peanut butter cups or anything that has nuts in it, just in case any of the guests are allergic and forgot to mention it to you when they RSVP’d.

8. A jar of local honey. Local honey is a staple in any community, and it’s great in tea and baked goods. For those looking to cut out their sugar intake but still like things to be a little sweet, a jar of local honey is the perfect party favor idea. Plus, you’re supporting a local business, so it’s a win-win! Consider getting cute ceramic honey pots for your guests to put their honey in when they get home.

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9. A Mason jar glass. Mason jars are such a versatile item. Whether you’re looking to store cotton balls or actually use it to make homemade jam, you can use a Mason jar for just about anything. Why not give it out as a party favor for your bridal shower? Send your guests home with a Mason jar glass that’s personalized with the couple’s names and wedding date for them to remember the event by.

10. A succulent. Succulents are low maintenance plants that even people without a green thumb can take care of. They require little water and lots of sunshine, making them perfect for people who travel frequently or just simply can’t adhere to a daily watering schedule. You can get a small succulent for each of the guests, or give them a pot, small bag of soil and some succulent seeds for them to plant on their own. You could even have an activity at the bridal shower where all the guests actually choose their own succulents and plant them right there at the event!

11. A set of coasters. Coasters are great for those who are looking to keep the wood in their homes clear of any condensation rings. Coasters also keep the material from breaking with the force of a glass being set down on it. Getting your guests heart-shaped coasters or even coasters with a photo of the bride and groom on them will be a great party favor that your guests will use long after the shower is over and the couple has said their “I dos.”

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