Foods You Should Avoid Before Your Wedding

Foods You Should Avoid Before Your Wedding

Obviously, everyone wants to look super awesome on their wedding day. The desire of looking great is slightly higher in women than men. This is article is dedicated to both men and women who’re about to get married. We have shortlisted some foods that you should avoid before your wedding. Let’s have a look at them below:

Avoid junk foods

It includes all the unhealthy foods you consume every day. To look super awesome, your skin should look flawless. If you continue eating processed and oily foods, it can make your skin rough. So, it’s very important that you should start avoiding all these foods at least a month before your wedding.

Foods You Should Avoid Before Your Wedding


If you’re accustomed to gums, it’s the time to give it a break until you get married. When you chew gum, you’re entering air which can puff up your belly.

Raw vegetables

Super foods should also be avoided as they can make you bloated. These foods include cruciferous vegetables such as Brussels, cauliflower, broccoli and sprouts as they high in cellulose, a kind of fiber our stomach struggles to break down. You can switch to water-rich foods such as asparagus, cucumber and celery before your wedding.


Drinking coffee can make you acidic, ultimately puffing up your belly. When you consume coffee more than a cup per day, it can make your body fat and more acidic.


We all know that alcohol is bad for health, but only few succeed in quitting alcohol addiction. If you’re going to get married, you should keep from drinking alcohol as it can lead to serious health complications if taken on large quantity on daily basis.

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