A Wedding Videographer’s Perspective On The Best Wedding Venues Around Ballarat

Choosing the perfect rural setting for your wedding is one thing, but convincing your guests to make the long journey there is another. Settling on a venue you both truly believe will capture the meaning and vibe of your special day is a crucial selling point to getting those “umming and ahhing” family and friends over the line to attend

This is where Ballarat shines. It has stunning venues and world class scenery that (from a cinematic videography perspective) captures the rugged essence and beauty of rural Victoria. Below I reflect on a few venues I have filmed at over the last 12 months, presenting them as potential wedding and reception locations for you to consider.

Ballarat is Victoria’s largest regional city located 115 kilometres west of Melbourne in the state of Victoria, Australia. Although I get excited whenever I’m invited to film a wedding anywhere in the Ballarat region, there are a few venues that I believe have all the ingredients needed to create a memorable day…..and classic wedding film.



Willow & Stone Estate is located only 3kms from Ballarat’s city centre but delivers the same level of intimacy and seclusion you’d usually expect from a venue 300kms away. Sweeping outdoor lawns and lush gardens makes this the ideal location to host an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception.

My style of videography favours a wedding and reception held at a venue like the Willow and Stone Estate. These style of weddings are traditionally more casual which works hand in glove with my candid style of wedding videography. There’s something about being outside in the fresh air that allows guests to relax and actually soak in the atmosphere. Sunlit days, glorious sunsets and a party under the stars are the kinds of conditions that allow me to stand back and capture genuine interactions and moments.

If you intend on having your wedding over the warmer months of the year, Willow and Stone Estate have the outdoor areas to host your ceremony and reception in style. And just in case that isn’t enough, it won’t be necessary to add much if any decoration of your own as mother nature will already have done the hard work for you! Definitely worth a visit.



Maybe the outdoor vibe isn’t entirely to your liking? Weather worry, be it the anxiety of a rain interrupted wedding or the trepidation of a scorching hot day can be a little too much for some people to simply “slide” with. If that’s the case, never fear because the Ballarat region also hosts one of the classiest indoor venues this side of Paris.

The Palais Hepburn is only 40 minutes from Ballarat and distinguishes itself as one of Country Victoria’s prime entertainment venues. This heritage listed establishment was built in 1926 and boasts Victoria’s oldest sprung dance floor. This venue is so rich with character and is a delight for the senses. Traditionally a cocktail bar and theatre, this iconic venue transitions perfectly into a wedding venue that offers an amazing entertainment experience with a side serve of indulgence.

Whilst I as a wedding videographer try to avoid indoor couple shoots, there is just something captivating about Palais Hepburn. Whereas most indoor venues sport artificial lighting and unchanging decor, the Palais Hepburn features moody lighting, warm textures and sophisticated furnishings. You’ll seriously feel like you’ve walked onto a 1920s film set. I’ll admit it’s a unique look for photos and videography, but one that I believe is classic and timeless.

It’s worth mentioning that the Palais Hepburn is walking distance from Hepburn bridge and gully for a healthy share of stunning outdoor wedding videography…..so you can still get some open country air into your wedding experience.



Banyandah Homestead is located 17 kilometres north of Ballarat on the way to the township of Creswick. It encapsulates everything you could want in a venue for your special day; from rolling hills and a magnificent private lake, to an intimate homestead and ultimate privacy all wound together in country simplicity.

In the interest of variety, I’ve chosen a boutique venue for couples who want complete flexibility in how they style and decorate their wedding day. Banyandah Homestead is a private property of extreme beauty.

For a wedding videographer, this is one of those venues where drone footage is a must. Although each section within the property is stunning in its own right, you’re only able to grasp its true collective beauty from above. Your location shoot is sure to include many breathtaking landscape shots – the kind that you’ll be tempted to print obnoxiously large and display in the lounge room.

Even the owners of the property admit that seeing is believing and I am in total agreement with them on that point. They do welcome visitors (by appointment) and will on occasion have open days where you can join them for a glass of wine, ask questions and wander around this hidden gem of a venue.

So if you are looking for a wedding videographer with knowledge and availability across the Ballarat area, get in touch to find out more.