What to Get Your Daughter for Her Bridal Shower

Planning your daughter’s wedding is an emotional experience. Your baby girl is growing up and journeying into a new life with someone that you—hopefully!—love as well. You want everything to go right and every detail to be perfect because she’ll only get married once.

However, it’s important you don’t overstep and try to take too much control, especially making unauthorized changes. You want her to look back and think on the day with nothing but smiles and joy. But, before she can get down the aisle, you have to plan a bridal shower for her! Bridal showers are not only a great time for the bride to gossip with her girls before the big day, but  a time for the women in the family to come together and give gifts to the bride that they know she will use in her life as a wife.

Here are some great bridal shower gift ideas for you to give your daughter!


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  1. A Silicone Ring: You probably remember that sinking feeling you got when your diamond caught on a grocery cart, popping out of its prongs and lost forever. Or, maybe it slipped off your finger and fell down the drain while you were washing your hands. Or, maybe you lost it at the gym. Either way, losing your wedding ring or accidentally breaking it is a horrible feeling.

Help her avoid that feeling by getting her a sleek silicone wedding band for women! She can wear it when she goes to the gym, heads to the grocery store, or at work to avoid ruining her diamond ring. Then, during special occasions, she can break out the diamond to show in all its glory!

  1. A Matching Ring for Her Hubby: You can’t leave her groom out, either! In fact, if her hubby works as a first responder or in a field where he actively works with his hands, it’s a great idea to give him a matching silicone wedding band for men that will ensure his metal one stays in good condition for the rest of his life. You don’t want the metal getting destroyed while he’s on the job!
  2. A Decorative Dress Hanger: There’s nothing worse than seeing pictures of her beautiful gown … hanging on a store-issued plastic or metal hanger. Instead, get her a sleek wooden decorative hanger to use on her wedding day that will be perfect for those dress-only photos. You can even have it personalized with her new last name!
  3. A Linked Circle Bracelet: Linked circles are a beautiful and simple way to show your daughter that your love as her mother is never ending, and the two of you will always be linked together. She can wear it on her wedding day, or she can wear it on other occasions as a way to remember the love you’ve shown her over the years.


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  1. An Invitation Keepsake: While many photographers take beautiful photos of the invitation suite, the actual invites themselves often get thrown away or recycled. Instead, take one of your daughters’ invitations and get a unique piece of art commissioned with it! With the invitation as the central part of the art piece, an artist can create a unique watercolor illustration of the couple’s wedding venue, their home, or another place that is special to them. She’ll love the uniqueness of the gift!
  2. A Unity Box: Many couples are incorporating a unity box into their ceremony. The unity box is for them to place a bottle of wine and a letter to each other so that, at any point down the road in their marriage when things are tough, they can open it together, enjoy the bottle of wine, and read the letters to remind themselves why they got married and what they love about each other. It’s a beautiful piece to include in their marriage, but they’ll need a box to do it! Why not provide the box to your daughter at her bridal shower as a gift?
  3. A Custom Doormat: Perfect for couples that are either moving in together for the first time after they get married or for couples who are already living together but want something to remind guests that they’re now married, a custom doormat is a great gift option! Have their new last name or family name written out on the doormat in a fun or fancy font. She’ll love it!


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  1. A List of Date Ideas: While some brides play this game at their bridal shower, why not give her a list of your own date ideas? Many couples forget during their marriage that it’s still important for them to go on dates, so having a list of date ideas to pull from is a great way for them to keep things fresh and fun.
  2. Monogrammed Luggage Tags: Perfect for their honeymoon or any trips she takes after getting married, a set of monogrammed luggage tags will be perfect! If she’s changing her last name, these tags will be great to replace her old ones with something that represents her new life!
  3. Bridal Floral Keepsake Necklace: Chat with her florist about getting a stem from each of the flowers in her bouquet, and then send it off to a jeweler or custom jewelry artist who can press the flowers and greenery to turn it into a unique necklace! She will probably tear up when she sees it because you took such care in ensuring pieces of her upcoming day will last forever.
  4. Personalized Handkerchief: Whether you put a poem about how much you love her or include a funny saying from your favorite TV show together, a personalized handkerchief is a fun gift to give her. Bonus points if her florist can add it to her bouquet on the outside of the floral wrap!

Your daughter’s wedding is a big day in her life, but her bridal shower is one of the first big events she’ll do with others that will hit home to her that she’s getting married. Show her how excited you are for her by getting her a heartfelt gift!

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