Signature Styles

Signature Styles – Making Your Wedding Uniquely Yours

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, so you’ll want to make sure it reflects your unique style and personality. With some creativity, you can incorporate signature styles to make your big day truly one-of-a-kind.

Signature Styles

Choosing Signature Decor Elements

The decor is one of the first things guests will notice, so choosing signature decor elements is a great way to infuse your style. Do you love bohemian vibes? Fill the space with flowers in mason jars, string lights, and eclectic centerpieces. Prefer modern elegance? Opt for monochrome colors, geometric patterns, and sleek details. No matter your aesthetic, find decor pieces that feel authentically you.

Personalizing Stationery and Signage

Stationery is how you’ll communicate important wedding details to guests, so take the time to design signature stationery. Choose a custom font, colors, and layout that match your wedding’s look and feel. You can also personalize signage like seating charts, menus, and programs. Add your new last name, monogram, or other special touches. Stationery and signage allow you to subtly brand your wedding with your signature style.

Incorporating Favorite Activities

Incorporate activities you both enjoy as a couple to make the day feel like an extension of your relationship. Love to cook? Host a cooking demonstration or lesson. Enjoy live music? Hire a favorite local band. Avid readers? Set up a cozy reading nook. Involving your shared interests and hobbies creates a wedding with personality.

Choosing a Signature Cake

Beyond traditional wedding cakes, explore unique cake options that suit your tastes. Want something unexpected? Consider a pie or doughnut tower, ice cream sundae bar, or boozy milkshake station. Love to bake? Create specialty cookies or mini cupcakes yourself. The cake is a signature part of any wedding – make it as one-of-a-kind as you are.

Signature Wedding Favors

Rather than generic favors, craft personalized takeaways that reflect your style. Fill jars with homemade jam, tie baked goods in personalized bags, or package small plants. Send guests off with a little piece of you. Favors allow you to spread your signature style well after the wedding.

Creating a truly one-of-a-kind wedding takes some creativity but reflects the love and personalities of the couple. By incorporating signature styles through unique decor, stationery, activities, and more, you’ll design a wedding day that is authentically you both. Your guests will appreciate the care and vision that went into crafting a celebration as special as your relationship. Most importantly, you’ll get to express your individuality on your big day.


How can we stay within our budget while incorporating signature styles?

Focus on a few signature elements rather than everything. DIY when possible, buy in bulk to save on decor, or get creative with what you already own. Small personal touches can go a long way.

What if our styles are very different? How can we find a compromise?

Look for elements you both feel connected to like shared locations, colors, or activities. Blend your styles together rather than choosing one over the other. Compromise allows you to celebrate both individuals within the marriage.

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