Fashion Tip: How to Combine Men’s Polo Shirt

The polo shirt is practical, versatile and perfect for men who like to make a difference when it comes to dressing.

Today we will help those men who still have a bit of doubt when choosing a good quality polo shirt (เสื้อ โปโล คุณภาพ ดี, which is the term in Thai). It is common to be afraid of looking too tidy and showing some insecurity, but you will find that it is an easy to match and very stylish piece!


Learn how to wear men’s polo shirt

Use the colors and prints to your advantage: striped polo shirts, for example, are very stylish and match various age groups. Just be careful not to over-evidence the tummy if you are overweight.

Patterns are also very interesting: instead of the traditional balls, you can find patterns with mini lozenges, squares, flowers, anchors and even animals.

The accessories add an extra touch of personality: different sneakers, watches, sunglasses and caps or caps. It’s worth everything to complement the production and show that you have style!

Polo shirt with shorts

There are usually several rules or even who says that polo shirt does not match with shorts. However we think it is a wrong idea, because, paying attention to the details, it is possible to make a good combination between the pieces.

The short with knee length and straight cut usually look great with this type of shirt. The twill shorts, with some discreet pockets on the side as well.


Polo shirt with pants

This is the kind of combination that men feel safer to do because they are more accustomed.

And really, men’s polo shirt fits very well with various models of pants, such as jeans (the most classic combination), twill, cotton, even white pants and social pants. To create a harmony, prefer the lighter colors.

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